What is the Nuheat Floor Heating System?

Nuheat produces radiant heat which is the most comfortable and energy efficient form of heating. Since hot air rises and cold air falls, many heating systems waste heat in the air that goes straight to the ceiling without heating the lower half of the room. Nuheat works from the ground up so the whole room, down to your feet, is warm!Nuheat is an Electric Radiant Floor Heating mat that is a pre-built and ready to install in the floor right out of the box; heated floors are that easy! Thin electric floor heating elements are sandwiched within a durable fabric mat. At only 1/8” in thickness, these mats will give your warm tiles in virtually any remodeling or new construction project. When electricity is supplied to the mats, the electric resistance warms up the wires and conducts to the flooring above, which radiates into the whole room. Nuheat produces 12 watts per square foot (or 41 BTU) at full power, producing a floor temperature of 80 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit (27 – 32 degrees Celsius) depending on the type of application and heat loss. This is why Nuheat is an economical floor heating system.
With 120 different mats available in either 120 or 240 volts there is a Nuheat Mat or combination of mats that will provide you with years of comfortable floor heating. And, all sizes are in stock at Warm Your Floor. Every one, every day.

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